Why compare?

Why compare yourself with others?

You are better than no one and no one is better than you!

You’re simply unique just the way you are!

You are created that way for the purpose you are meant to fulfill!

All you need to do is to compete with yourself by working on your past achievements and ensure you are progressing positively, and getting better than yesterday, be better than what you used to be and known for.

Be dynamic!

Once you start comparing yourself with another, just know that inferiority complex has set in!

Why compare yourself? Not a single creature of God is exactly the same, not even plants of the same species.

All come with specific and different functions.

Also no identical twins are exactly the same unless you’re not seeing well.

So why compare?

Compete with no one but yourself!

You might not be there yet, just keep moving! You will definitely get there!


Lizzy cares!



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