Toilet wash production!

Our toilet says a lot about our personal hygiene and has to be kept clean and tidy! You can produce from the comfort of your home by following this simple steps: 


1kg of caustic soda

3 litres of water

1/2 litres of Hcl (Hydro chloric acid)

1/2 litre of texapon

1/4 litre of strawberry or Cindy fragnance.

Colour- Blue (small quantity)



Soak your caustic soda for 3 days to ferment, please don’t allow it to touch your skin. When caustic soda has fermented (dissolved), add water to it.

Put the texapon and stir, and add Hcl, then your fragnance and colour.

Then cover it for 12 hours.

Your toilet wash is ready to use!

Hcl is very harsh, therefore, do it outside the house i.e. in the compound.


Do you find this useful?


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