That notwithstanding!

A strong foundation is  surely one of the best bet!

I tell you a strong foundation notwithstanding,

even a well built in and out house notwithstanding,

strong pillars and concrete notwithstanding,

Acquiring all the skills, knowledge, wisdom and all it takes to be a success in life notwithstanding,

Be it known to you that a house with all the above attributes as essential as they are cannot guarantee an absence of heavy downpour, storms and wind. Likewise will a life which is well grounded as such be free from challenges, trials and problems.

The rain will keep pouring, the storms keep to it’s rage, the wind also!

Our preparedness won’t stop the trials and challenges from coming because they will! The ONUS is on us to remain CALM and CONFIDENT!

You already have all it takes! The heavy downpour, wind and storms can only ROAR, they are not capable of bringing down a house on a solid foundation and built-up.

Keep building your self with the essentials, never stop growing!

The challenges are part of the Concretes, sand, building blocks to get you properly built-up!

Do not get scared, let the doors remain closed, never you open up to fear at the noisome sounds outside, as long as you remain STRONG, you will never fall!

Except you give in to FEAR, all that you have in YOU is more than enough to scale through this thing called Life!

Having done all, remain on course, Stay with God!




One thought on “That notwithstanding!

  • August 24, 2020 at 7:39 am

    There’s no other way than to cleave to Jesus


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