Home made Styling gel!

Ingredients for making styling gel includes: Carbopol (1/4) litres Ethanol (1 litre) Propylene glycol (1 litre) Caustic soda (2 spoons)


Your spendings in saving the world

Budgetting may seem simple enough but it’s an ongoing test of your resolve, your strength of character and the values

Coconut oil making made easy

An home made coconut oil have the same quality and taste as the commercials. And even better! All you have

What I need to know about human body!

You need to know that: Your blood has the same amount of salt in it as an ocean has. You

Toilet wash production!

Our toilet says a lot about our personal hygiene and has to be kept clean and tidy! You can produce

Do your bleach yourself!

Bleach is popular in the removal of tough stains on clothes and other surfaces. You don’t have to spend too

Produce your disinfectant with ease!

You can actually produce your disinfectant popularly known as Izal with this simple procedures: Ingredients: 1 bottle of carbolic 1/4

How can I produce liquid soap?

Liquid soap is one of the essential daily consumables for washing dishes, cars etc. It’s important for you to know

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