Produce your disinfectant with ease!

You can actually produce your disinfectant popularly known as Izal with this simple procedures:


1 bottle of carbolic

1/4 bottle Lysol

1 bottle of Izal perfume

1 bottle binder; 10 litres of water

Small quantity of granulated camphor and  menthol(optional)


Put 2 litres of water in a bucket and turn the carbolic inside, stir for a long time. Make sure it melts, add Lysol to it,

Add your binder and stir for 20 mins minimum, then add Izal perfume and observe if it’s too thick, then add the remaining 2 litres of water. Carbolic takes time to dissolve, so you must be patient with it.

Your disinfectant is ready for use!


NB: To make it highly concentrated, effective and lingered odour,

Melt your camphor and menthol in very hot water ( small quantity), then add to the mixture and stir rigorously.


Hope this is helpful!

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