Miss it and miss out!

Do you know that you could be salvage with just one mission on earth which could appear in form of one talent?

Everyone one of us are here on a mission or missions.

Discovering the WHO behind YOU is tantamount to realizing why you are here.

The WHY will help you in navigating your way(s) purposefully.

Until you discover your self, you could look down on the only talent you have which could end up being the one mission you are here on earth to fulfill.

When you miss the number one purpose, you miss out in Life.

There’s a popular saying that it’s how far but how well. It’ll be well when you don’t miss it.




2 thoughts on “Miss it and miss out!

  • September 22, 2020 at 9:07 am

    May God give us the grace to know who we’re, realize our talents and use them for the Glory of Almighty God. IJMN AMEN


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