Mind your heart

Our outward disposition is dependent on what we think with our hearts!

The thoughts we allow and process in our hearts is a determinant of what our mood will be as well as our looks!

Depression sets in when we must have haboured negative compliments, thoughts and situations in our hearts. It makes us lose hope on life.

Always remember that in life, there will be ups and downs, smooth and roughs.

The onus is on us to adjust with whatever season because nothing lasts for ever as there is no permanent situation in life.

Give no room to depression! Mind your heart, guide it jealousy! Envy no one, for we all have issues to deal with one way or the other!

At the end of it all, when you remain positive, things will fall back in place and life becomes meaningful!





Tosin Elizabeth

A autobiographer, An inspirational writer, An agronomist, A business tycoon! Almighty God got my back!

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