Keep weeding!

Seeds can either be viable or inviable! Good or bad! Yet both attract weeds. It’s even worse when the seeds sowed/planted is bad and inviable!

Whichever way, the intriguing part is that even with the good/viable seeds, weeds still come up, though minimal! Hence, the continuous process of weeding them off from time to time.

This turns out to mean that no matter how good you are, it doesn’t matter how good your ideas, motives, plans, etc are, it’ll definitely attract few weeds, minimal anti-progress, anti-success and antagonist people.

They sometimes appear as friends as some weeds resembles the real plants!

You have to keep weeding them out, for as they appear to keep growing,

they limit your increase, growth and prevent you from getting to fruition and ripe enough to flourish!

You are meant to be fruitful and flourishing!




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