It could be God!

We are quick to label the devil at every instance of life challenges that comes our way!

It’s expedient of us to remember that while we were in our mother’s womb, we grew up in there with the placenta!

As a matter of fact, the placenta happened to be the vital instrument to our growth in the womb, we couldn’t have survived without it.

Yet at birth it had to be separated from us and get rid of. God made it so, it was him who programmed it just like that.

There are certain challenges we just have to grow up with! Without such, just like the placenta, we will not have survived.

And when the time is right, when we keep growing despite them, we will be separated from such challenges!

Always remember that there’s time for everything.

Desist from labelling the devil for everything that looks bad, it could be God behind it. And he’ll see you through!



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