How can I produce liquid soap?

Liquid soap is one of the essential daily consumables for washing dishes, cars etc. It’s important for you to know that it’s easy to produce within the premises of your home either for home use or commercial purposes.

Ingredients for producing 25 liters includes:

Soda ash(250g or 1/4kg)

Nitrosol(250g or 1/4kg)

caustic soda(#100 worth)

sulphuric acid(1 litre)


Drawer(small quantity e.g #100 Worth)

formalin(2 drops)

Texapon(250g or 1/4kg)

Rise(250g or 1/4kg)

Colour(#100 worth)


C.M.S( very small quantity #50 worth)



Method 1:

Pour water in a bowl, add nitrosol.

In a separate bowl, pour soda ash, then stir with 1/2 litres of water.

Mix caustic soda with water in another bowl,

Mix your colour with water in a separate bowl,

Then pour into your nitrosol water,

Stir together,

Add CMS as thickner

Then stir,

Pour your caustic soda, add water, stir continuously till it gets thicker.

In another sperate bowl:

Mix your sulphuric acid in a bowl with water.

Add your rise

Pour 1 cup of water, then stir together,

Add your booster, then stir

Add your texapon.

Then pour the nitrosol mixture to the sulphuric acid bowl. Mix continuously then mix your drawer in a bowl with water, then add to the ready made ingredients, then stir, add your soda ash, then stir.

Pour the fragnance, add little formalin as preservative, stir continuously….

Add enough water, then stir for 2 minutes and leave for 24 hours.

Your liquid soap is ready for use.


Method 2:

Ingredients for 25 litres:

Texapon (1kg)

SLS (powdered, not the rice sls)- 1/2kg

Table salt- 1kg

Water- 20 litres

Colour ( use just a pinch of pink, blue or green)

Fragnance- a capful of banana or strawberry or mixture of both)


1. Put 3 cups of water in a big plastic bucket or tub, add the salt and stir with the end of a mop stick for a while till it dissolves.

2. Add half the texapon and stir for a while.

3. Add a capful of fragnance

4. Add the remaining half of the texapon and stir

5 Add the SLS and stir with your hands, rubbing against the inner side of the bucket, wearing a glove or tie nylon around your hands. Make sure it dissolves till smooth.

6. Add a pinch of colour and observe the colour. Don’t exceed 2 pinches.

7. Mix well with the stick and start adding water using 5 litres at a time. You may stop at 15 litres of you want it very thick.

Your liquid soap is ready!

Please cover the bucket and leave till the next day before use. If by the next day it is too thick, please add little water and stir.

I hope you get this useful.

Elizabeth Oluwatosin




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