Do your bleach yourself!

Bleach is popular in the removal of tough stains on clothes and other surfaces.

You don’t have to spend too much on it as you can do it yourself!


Caustic soda- 500g

Soda ash- 150g

HTH- 500g

Water- 8 litres



Soak the caustic soda and soda ash with 1 litre of water each in different bucket for a day.

Next day, drain both carefully by mixing them together. Avoid particles. Then put the HTH inside and stir at interval for a day.

Then for a particle free bleach, use that sieve usually used for sieving pap to sieve it. The particles can be used to compliment another production or even used to wash the back of pots/tiles.

After using 1 litre each to soak the soda ash and caustic soda, pour the remaining 6 litres of water the following day and stir.

Then you can now using your bleach!


Hope you find it useful!

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