Aren’t going anywhere!

In life, some people aren’t going anywhere. They don’t even know where to go, nor have any map for their lives.

Such people with ­čŽÇ (Crab) mentality will always bring people who has clear and significant destination down by hindering them from going somewhere, they desire everyone around them is like them.

Anytime you notice you are constantly being talked out or down of a great vision/goal you have in life, my dear friend RUN, RUN AWAY from such fellow/group(s)!

  For they are going nowhere and want to justify their aimlessness by ensuring those around them equally goes nowhere!

“Sets of nowhere’s,” “no visions”.

Please run as fast as you can away from them!




Tosin Elizabeth

A autobiographer, An inspirational writer, An agronomist, A business tycoon! Almighty God got my back!

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